Saturday, September 1, 2007

We just keep Growing

Author Roy E. Young---The Governor's Prisoner. I paid Airleaf several hundred dollars, never received what was promised and never sold a book through them. I truly felt like a dope until learning about authors who have been screwed out of many thousands.

Author Sam Kay - Destiny of Man-The Book of Searcher. "I first got hooked up with another publisher, AuthorHouse, who did exactly what they said they would do. They published my book and sent me some tips on how to get it noticed. When things didn't go exactly the way they said they would go, I go hooked up with Airleaf. I was sold on the Guaranteed Placement package. They also republished my book a second time. After a year, and close to $3,000 for "other services" including taking my book to Hollywood numerous times, I found that I wasn't getting any money from them for any books I had sold. They also didn't place my book in the guaranteed 10 bookstores as promised. I have spent a lot of time and money in getting this book published and feel as if I have been taken for a ride by Airleaf.
When I still had money and was able to pay for the services offered by Airleaf, I gave them money to take my book to Hollywood to pitch it to produces for a possible movie. This had always been a dream of mine so I was more then a little excited about this prospect. I waited for a couple of weeks after the trip and finally called to ask what happened. I was told there was some interest in my book and if they wanted to make it into a movie they would contact me. I never heard a thing."

Author Shamaka (Betty A. Flesher) The Cry of the Wolf, and Life for the Intelligence Impaired. We gave Bookman/Airleaf $3945.00 to promote our books, to promote us. We got nothing except our lives on hold, in turmoil, waiting for something to happen. It was a daily hassle to deal with them. They would not give us any answers, they would not return calls. They did NOTHING!! We did the work, we had the headaches, and we paid them!! The only thing they promoted was FRAUD!!
With turning them in, we hope they will not be able to swindle other
people out of their money, their dignity, their self-assurance, their power, and their ability to make judgements. Its like having the rug pulled out from under you, with the person doing the pulling, sitting there gloating, at what they have done, at what they have stolen. Its time for them to reap what they have sown. Its time for them to give back the lives to those they have stolen them from!! I have had no life for the past 2-1/2 years dealing with Airleaf. Its time for me to reclaim my life, my space in Creation."

Authors Keith and Barbara Stuart - We have been associated with Airleaf for four years. Generally, we had been pleased with the results as they published five of our books. Then things started going sour. Our first couple of royalty checks were decent, then no royalty checks at all. In fact they were selling one of our books at such a deep discount that each book sale resulted in a deficit. Then I couldn't get them to even send me a sales report. The big blow came when we booked the September cruise on a Carnival ship. Although we paid in January, we could never get any straight information about times or even the destination airport. By August, we were so frustrated that we cancelled the cruise and requested a refund. There were lots of promises, but the money was never refunded. After checking with Carnival, I learned no cruise had ever been booked. The book we ordered in April has never been printed. After many delays with constant change of employees, we finally received a finished galley and cover in September with a promise to send our books by mid-October. No books. We can't reach them by phone or e-mail and our books are no longer listed on their website. Conservately, I would say they owe us close to $4,000. We were so oblivious to what was going on there because we had had such a good relationship and we believed all the lies. I don't think we will ever understand why Airleaf took a profitable business and systematically distroyed it and his authors along with it.

Books: Banners of Honor (Keith and Barbara Stuart) Banners of Liberty, (Keith and Barbara Phillips Stuart) Banners in the Wind (Keith and Barbara Phillips Stuart) A Good Run (Keith and Barbara Phillips Stuart) Rainstorms and Rainbows,( Barbara Phillips Stuart) 44 Points, (Keith Stuart)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Even More Pouring in.....

Author David J. Brown - Don't Panic, an emergency care book. “I am also a victim of Airleaf Publishing's deceptive practices. I invested over $1,000.00 to have Airleaf print, publicize, and distribute copies of my book to 15 bookstores on a rotating schedule. I have received no money and have no confirmation that my books were ever placed in bookstores."

Author Lester Taube – Hanna Barlak. “I paid Bookman (now Airleaf) $1745.00 to publish HANNA BARLAK, and directed them to stop once I saw the inefficiency of their operation. HANNA was never printed. I have asked Lau a number of times to refund my money - but, not a word. Second, I paid Bookman (now Airleaf) over $5,000.00 to print and send out 1,000 copies of ATONEMENT FOR IWO - and to publicize the book. Zilch. I have just learned that Airleaf is storing 500 copies of that book, which implies that these were not sent out, even though I paid for the book, envelopes, postage and other inserts.”

Author Thomas J. Barnes - Vietnam when the Tanks were Elephants, Anecdotes of a Vagabond, Coping with Lust and the Colonel "When I told my wife that I was sending $7999 to Airleaf Publishing for touting my book "Vietnam when the Tanks were Elephants," on a national scale, she cautioned me against doing so. She asked what guarantees I had of Airleaf's bonafides. Naively, I brushed her caution and her query aside, and withdrew funds from the paid-up additions to my National Service Life Insurance, a policy I had obtained because of my military tour of duty in Korea in 1952-3. The withdrawals diminished the sum she will receive on my death. I made further withdrawals on behalf of various Airleaf publicity schemes for two other of my books Anecdotes of a Vagabond, a professional memoir; and Coping with Lust and the Colonel, a novella surrounded by seven related short stories set in wartime Korea. My payments to Airleaf in 2006 totalled $13, 813. One is never too old to become a sucker.

Author Katie Letcher Lyle - ALL TIME IS NOW: Adventures with Jennie.
"I was promised promotion for a self-published book, meetings with Hollywood agents, radio ads, books placed in 10 (brick) stores, television appearences, on and on --a place in the Bowker book club, (which, it turns out, Airleaf had nothing to do with --an outright falsehood) -- all for only $3300. They sought me out, told me they loved my book, and were choosing only fifty to promote for the year -- I thought hard, fell for it, and -- as many others have experienced -- never got a thing for my money. They admitted they had not even read the book when I pressed them. An Airleaf representative gave me the name of one Mothers' Club about three hours from here -- but it was all about babies, and my book is about raising my handicapped daughter! All in all, outright scam.
I never sold one single book while in their "keeping." Not one, though they claimed a bogus telephone interview had been broadcast in eight midwestern cities. Impossible that not one book sold- I myself have sold the book to an institute dealing with handicapped children, who thinks it good enough to be passed out to all members -- and to the school for special people where my daughter resides, who think it's good enough to use as a marketing tool -- so it's a good and useful book. I've sold approximately 500 copies on my own. Not one single copy was ever sold through Airleaf or their efforts.

Author Ilene Shepard Smiddy - Daughter of Shiloh. "My book is a true story that happened in 1793 to my ancestors...I paid about $2500.00 to Airleaf to promote my book. $500.00 twice to take my book to Hollywood; $900.00 to attend a Media Event at the Opryland Hotel to be interviewed live by Radio Personalities. Now, I am positive these were never aired. $600.00 for Press Releases to go out to thousands of Book Stores. From all of this I never received a single cent. These people operated a Scam on a Grand Scale. I hope they are brought to justice."

Author Rocco Fumento - A Lesser Saint. I heard from Air Leaf three years after my book A Decent Girl Always Goes To Mass On Sunday was published offering to publicize my novel. By then A Lesser Saint was published and I informed Air Leaf of the fact and they offered to publicize A Lesser Saint instead. On July 27, 2006, I ordered one package of Airleaf services for $637.50. The package was supposed to include two radio interviews to be broadcast throughout the country. It didn't happen. Then I was made a better offer which would include TV appearancs and so much more. I was offered a discount because nothing had been done about that first package deal. For this service I paid $2100.00. To date, nothing has happened."

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

OMG!! More are pouring in...

Author GC Karus - The Cammaratta Connection and son, Author Jason Hubal - For Meaning “Together we paid Airleaf $8,080.00 in March of 2006 for publishing and marketing our novels. Now it is September of 2007, and there are still no press releases, no book signings, no radio announcements, no accountability statements, and no royalties. The only real evidence that Airleaf was legitimate was the printing of The Cammaratta Connection. To date, For Meaning copies are still being held hostage. We are lost in a black tunnel in space wondering..... was that an asteroid (Airleaf) that blasted our dreams to smithereens? That's what Airleaf did... left us out there in space merely orbiting.”

Author Christel Fiore - Child of War. “I paid $3,300.00 plus 30 books to Airleaf to promote my WW2 autobiography Child of War. I was robbed along with everyone else. The main thing is not to let anyone else fall in to that trap and to stop these criminals from mutating in to another business by putting all of them in jail for grand theft and conspiracy to defraud.”

Author Lisa~Ann Carey - Retrospect "I am an Australian author who has invested $1,725.00 to publish my love story and to have it turned into a movie, I waited three years and I still haven't seen a book and a further six months and I still haven't heard back about the movie." Retrospect, a medical romance, is part one of a trilogy. You can view Lisa’s website at

Author Cliff Crow - After The Diet's Over “I paid Airleaf $1,500.00 almost 1 1/2 years ago to promote his book. The money earned so far should be close to $2,800. Services were not rendered, and no money has been paid.”

Monday, August 27, 2007

Here is just a sampling of our authors who have also been defrauded and robbed by Airleaf Publishing

Author Frederick Martin-Del-Campo – Chronicles Of War And A Wanderer. Airleaf royally diddled me: I invested over $10,000.00 to have my one book turned into a best seller, and another taken to Hollywood and turned into a movie. They utterly made a fool of me, let alone the countless other authors they defrauded. The Airleaf agents gave me a runaround of answers when I tried to inquire about my investments and publication of books. Now, no one has deigned to reply. They have totally screwed me!"

Author Rudy A. Pizarro - The Truth and Power of the Holy Trinity. “I lost a over $10,000.00 I paid to Airleaf on services that did not materialize.”

Author Ken Pullen - Rescue Me. "I was solicited by a vice president at Airleaf who told me the wife of the president of Airleaf loved my book so much they had to contact, and make my book a national bestseller. I was told that the $8,000.00 I was to pay for promotion and marketing would encompass no less than 10 promotion actions - one of which was to take my book to Los Angeles for possible optioning into a feature film. All I ever received for my $8,000 National Bestseller fiasco was 2 supposed radio interviews - both taking place months before the book came out - and 50 copies of my book. That's it. I am convinced Airleaf stole $8,000 from me, just as they have stolen whatever amount paid from everyone and anyone else that sadly trusted them to do what they promised they would."