Tuesday, August 28, 2007

OMG!! More are pouring in...

Author GC Karus - The Cammaratta Connection and son, Author Jason Hubal - For Meaning “Together we paid Airleaf $8,080.00 in March of 2006 for publishing and marketing our novels. Now it is September of 2007, and there are still no press releases, no book signings, no radio announcements, no accountability statements, and no royalties. The only real evidence that Airleaf was legitimate was the printing of The Cammaratta Connection. To date, For Meaning copies are still being held hostage. We are lost in a black tunnel in space wondering..... was that an asteroid (Airleaf) that blasted our dreams to smithereens? That's what Airleaf did... left us out there in space merely orbiting.”

Author Christel Fiore - Child of War. “I paid $3,300.00 plus 30 books to Airleaf to promote my WW2 autobiography Child of War. I was robbed along with everyone else. The main thing is not to let anyone else fall in to that trap and to stop these criminals from mutating in to another business by putting all of them in jail for grand theft and conspiracy to defraud.”

Author Lisa~Ann Carey - Retrospect "I am an Australian author who has invested $1,725.00 to publish my love story and to have it turned into a movie, I waited three years and I still haven't seen a book and a further six months and I still haven't heard back about the movie." Retrospect, a medical romance, is part one of a trilogy. You can view Lisa’s website at http://www.careysclassics.com/

Author Cliff Crow - After The Diet's Over “I paid Airleaf $1,500.00 almost 1 1/2 years ago to promote his book. The money earned so far should be close to $2,800. Services were not rendered, and no money has been paid.”

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