Saturday, April 20, 2013


Airleaf Victims Update
Dear Airleaf Victims and Friends, I know it's been a while since I last contacted you. That was when I shared with you the good news that Brien Jones was out of business sometime last year. I was ready to send a note to all of you at Christmas time saying that I'm closing up the Airleaf Victims case because I believed I had gone as far as I can go. Something stopped me from saying that final goodbye, and in fact, I renewed my annual fee for keeping website for another year. I always feel you never know about where con-men will pop up next, and I wanted people to know about Carl Lau and Brien Jones.
Sure enough, last week, I received a confidential email informing me that Carl and Debbie (his wife) Lau were now selling real estate in Florida. At first, I thought that would be impossible. I did some research and found out it is absolutely true. Actually, when I found their information it made me ill because after robbing so many of us for so long, this is what they state in their profiles on the website: I bolded the line that I thought you would be shocked by most of all. Deb and Carl Lau
About Deb and Carl Lau Southwest Florida is paradise, and I love living my dream. My business is built around honesty, integrity, and ethics, and I work hard for my customers. I am a people person, I'm easy to get along with, and I understand the client's anxiety and need for receiving prompt, accurate and honest feedback from an agent. I really love working directly with people. I think it shows when I help a customer because I really care about their needs, and I want my customer to get the "best".
My schedule is centered around my customer's needs. I have 25 years of corporate financial experience. I am detail oriented in helping you with your decisions, and I love real estate. (anonymous) Realty is located in the southwest Cape area. We are small, but our size allows us to give you the quick response and attention that you need. All real estate companies have access to the same multiple listing service resources; it's the management and people interaction that make your transaction smooth, accurate, and a success! Call me for a private showing on any home in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Florida.
Needless to say, I was sickened and appalled. I know this is one group of people I don't have to explain that to. So first I checked out the company where they are working. It is called the company he is working for.
The owner actually sounded very shocked and disbelieving. As she stated, "I think you have the wrong people. These people are so nice!"
I explained these were the right people--and they were very nice. That's how so many of our authors were taken for their money. She didn't seem very concerned about it because she never acknowledged my follow-up email to her. Next I called the Florida department of licensing of real estate agents in Orlando. I had been told during my first initial investigative calls that in order to be a real estate agent in Florida, you must get clearance and approval by a board of seven people. I tracked down the assistant director of the agency who was very nice and told me that the Carl and Debbie Lau passed the initial background check which includes a fingerprint check. She did assure me that if I could send her documentation of the judgment handed down by the government of Indiana against him, the board would review it. Of course no promises--other than a review. She did tell me if Carl and Deb Lau misrepresented any of their investigation, they could lose their agent license.
So now I come to you seven years after starting our battle to ask for your support. Sadly, some of our finest fighters have passed away in recent years. But I am hoping there are still some of you who would be willing to join me in this attempt to stop the insanity. I don't want us to feel like victims once again. When we put Airleaf/Jones Harvest out of business, we were victors. Now, the man who took our money, hopes, and dreams and used it to buy a plane and a boat and declared bankruptcy rather than pay us our money--is living his dream in Florida selling real estate. I am not looking for revenge--I am just looking for justice. Joining me may mean you sign a petition or letter with me. Please let me know if I can count on you. Love, Bonnie