Thursday, August 30, 2007

Even More Pouring in.....

Author David J. Brown - Don't Panic, an emergency care book. “I am also a victim of Airleaf Publishing's deceptive practices. I invested over $1,000.00 to have Airleaf print, publicize, and distribute copies of my book to 15 bookstores on a rotating schedule. I have received no money and have no confirmation that my books were ever placed in bookstores."

Author Lester Taube – Hanna Barlak. “I paid Bookman (now Airleaf) $1745.00 to publish HANNA BARLAK, and directed them to stop once I saw the inefficiency of their operation. HANNA was never printed. I have asked Lau a number of times to refund my money - but, not a word. Second, I paid Bookman (now Airleaf) over $5,000.00 to print and send out 1,000 copies of ATONEMENT FOR IWO - and to publicize the book. Zilch. I have just learned that Airleaf is storing 500 copies of that book, which implies that these were not sent out, even though I paid for the book, envelopes, postage and other inserts.”

Author Thomas J. Barnes - Vietnam when the Tanks were Elephants, Anecdotes of a Vagabond, Coping with Lust and the Colonel "When I told my wife that I was sending $7999 to Airleaf Publishing for touting my book "Vietnam when the Tanks were Elephants," on a national scale, she cautioned me against doing so. She asked what guarantees I had of Airleaf's bonafides. Naively, I brushed her caution and her query aside, and withdrew funds from the paid-up additions to my National Service Life Insurance, a policy I had obtained because of my military tour of duty in Korea in 1952-3. The withdrawals diminished the sum she will receive on my death. I made further withdrawals on behalf of various Airleaf publicity schemes for two other of my books Anecdotes of a Vagabond, a professional memoir; and Coping with Lust and the Colonel, a novella surrounded by seven related short stories set in wartime Korea. My payments to Airleaf in 2006 totalled $13, 813. One is never too old to become a sucker.

Author Katie Letcher Lyle - ALL TIME IS NOW: Adventures with Jennie.
"I was promised promotion for a self-published book, meetings with Hollywood agents, radio ads, books placed in 10 (brick) stores, television appearences, on and on --a place in the Bowker book club, (which, it turns out, Airleaf had nothing to do with --an outright falsehood) -- all for only $3300. They sought me out, told me they loved my book, and were choosing only fifty to promote for the year -- I thought hard, fell for it, and -- as many others have experienced -- never got a thing for my money. They admitted they had not even read the book when I pressed them. An Airleaf representative gave me the name of one Mothers' Club about three hours from here -- but it was all about babies, and my book is about raising my handicapped daughter! All in all, outright scam.
I never sold one single book while in their "keeping." Not one, though they claimed a bogus telephone interview had been broadcast in eight midwestern cities. Impossible that not one book sold- I myself have sold the book to an institute dealing with handicapped children, who thinks it good enough to be passed out to all members -- and to the school for special people where my daughter resides, who think it's good enough to use as a marketing tool -- so it's a good and useful book. I've sold approximately 500 copies on my own. Not one single copy was ever sold through Airleaf or their efforts.

Author Ilene Shepard Smiddy - Daughter of Shiloh. "My book is a true story that happened in 1793 to my ancestors...I paid about $2500.00 to Airleaf to promote my book. $500.00 twice to take my book to Hollywood; $900.00 to attend a Media Event at the Opryland Hotel to be interviewed live by Radio Personalities. Now, I am positive these were never aired. $600.00 for Press Releases to go out to thousands of Book Stores. From all of this I never received a single cent. These people operated a Scam on a Grand Scale. I hope they are brought to justice."

Author Rocco Fumento - A Lesser Saint. I heard from Air Leaf three years after my book A Decent Girl Always Goes To Mass On Sunday was published offering to publicize my novel. By then A Lesser Saint was published and I informed Air Leaf of the fact and they offered to publicize A Lesser Saint instead. On July 27, 2006, I ordered one package of Airleaf services for $637.50. The package was supposed to include two radio interviews to be broadcast throughout the country. It didn't happen. Then I was made a better offer which would include TV appearancs and so much more. I was offered a discount because nothing had been done about that first package deal. For this service I paid $2100.00. To date, nothing has happened."

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