Monday, September 3, 2007

AIRLEAF UPDATES, September 3, 2007

September 3, 2007
Good morning, Airleaf Fighters,
First, happy holiday to all of you. This is an update of the week's activities.
More letters of Airleaf horrors continue to come in daily from all over the world including Canada, the UK, and Australia. People who are out of the country really felt isolated until they heard about this new action uniting us together.
I continue to have contact with the Martinsville, Indiana police detective who is compiling information to take to the Attorney General on our behalf. To date, 14 of you have reported back to me that you have filed complaints with the Attorney General's office which will be an important step. This shows the Attorney General that there is a pattern of deceit and fraud here. If you have not filed your complaint yet, please do so with the link at the bottom of this email. It only takes less than 10 minutes, but it's very important to do this.
One author wrote to me and told me that it took him 8 months after he filed, but he did receive back $5,500.00. That was the first sign of hope for me and I am passing it on to you.
Next, I contacted a consumer attorney who does class action cases. I have forwarded him some of your information to see if he feels we have a case. Based on what I spoke to him about, he was interested. He doesn't charge an upfront fee but takes a percentage of the money won for us. He'll get back to me this week, and I'll write to you again after I hear from him.
When it comes to money, there is a lot more at stake than just the money we have invested into publishing our books or getting them "publicized." There's all the time we've invested and also our pain and suffering. I want us to be compensated for that as well.
Here's an example: Yesterday I received an email from a woman who wrote to me via Amazon where she saw my information. This is what she said:
Bonnie -I ordered your book (Straight Wives...) from your site on 6/26/07, and have yet to see the book show up. It has been charged to my credit card, I have left 2 messages for Carl (president at Airleaf) and have yet to hear a word. Could you please get in touch with me immediately and let me know what the heck is going on? I am way beyond frustrated with this whole experience.Thanks -M P
I was very distressed to receive this letter because it shows criminal intent on behalf of Airleaf. I offered to send this person a free book just to keep the good will. Airleaf is taking money for books and not even sending them out--because I know they don't have any of my books. At the time of this order, I still had Airleaf linked to my website which I have now changed. Since it's impossible to ever know the real "Airleaf" story unless there is a government generated investigation, it makes it that much more urgent for all of us to send in those Attorney General reports.
One author wrote to me when he was told that the publishing company was holding up the production because they were so backlogged. He called the publishing company and was told his order was not being held up for any other reason except that Airleaf has never paid them and they are in debt so they are not printing any more of their books. Chances are, if you never received your book, this is why.
In order to fully investigate this situation, I need your help. This is the information I would like you to send me:
1. Did you invest in getting your book published?
2. Did you invest in getting your book publicized after having it printed elsewhere?
3. Did you ever receive any kind of notices for sales statements or royalties?
4. Did you have any kind of contract? If so, was anything in there violated? For instance, my contract states that my book will be in 15 stores. It never happened.
5. Some of you said that you paid for having your book in the Kirkus reviews. Did you ever see any proof that your book was advertised there? Incidentally, some of you paid $699.00 for a review that cost $250.00 to get printed.
6. Hooray for Hollywood. So many of you paid to have your book reviewed by Hollywood producers. Did any of you ever hear from anyone connected with Hollywood productions?
Any information you can send me will help to start putting the pieces together.
Please don't forget to post a comment in our group blog. Here's the group link:
Airleaf Victims
This week, I will continue compiling the complaints. Next week, I will send all of you the complaints (anonymous) that have come in to me so far so you can get a first hand look at all of the enormity of fraud that you have revealed to me. Once you see it, I know you'll stand fast in our resolve to end this misery.
Once I get all of our information in order, I will be contacting the press to do an expose. I will write to you more about that in my next update.
With hope,
Bonnie Kaye
Attorney General Information: (Please email me when you complete this, or if you have completed and not told me, please let me know)
This is the link:
Office of the Indiana Attorney General - Steve Carter
They will ask you the address of the company, owner, and phone number. Here it is:
Carl Lau, Owner
Airleaf Publishing and Bookselling35 Industrial Drive · Martinsville, Indiana 46151Telephone: 1 800 342-6068

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Wow, that is shocking! People are actually buying Bonnie's books? Just give your money to airleaf, you'll get a better return.