Wednesday, September 5, 2007

AIRLEAF UPDATES, September 5, 2007

Dear Airleaf Fighters Group,
I am writing you this letter with a heavy heart. After compiling almost 50 complaints to date, it is disheartening enough to read each of your letters seeing the pain and anguish you have had to deal with. In addition, I have five ex-employees of Airleaf who have given me some very disturbing information about what has happened to your hard earned money. I'm sure you're not suprised if I tell you how much fraud was involved with book promotions, book sales, and book publishing. I will put that information together for you by the weekend along with some of your stories I'll compile.
On a positive note, I received this letter from Detective Buskirk who is assisting me in getting information gathered for criminal charges. He has asked for your help in putting the case together for him. I have sent him your stories, but he needs you to tell him yourself.
I am sending you the letter he sent to me today. I know this may take some of your time--but I think I told you I'd need some of that from the beginning. I think we have an excellent chance with this, so please take the time to send Detective Buskirk the information he is requesting. If you never signed a contract for services, please tell him that. Please go through your computer emails or any other letters or ads you might have. Any correspondence is good too. Even if you don't have the paperwork you need, please send him your story in the meantime.
If you have any questions, please email him at:
He's is very helpful and wants to help us. But he actually needs as much hardcopy as possible. His mailing address is at the end of this letter.
After you take care of this, please DROP ME A LINE to let me know that you've done it. And please keep sending the information in to the Attorney General's Office. So far, 27 of you informed me that you have done that this week. Detective Buskirk will be working with the Attorney General's office as well. If you haven't taken that step, here's the information again:
Attorney General Information: (Please email me when you complete this, or if you have completed and not told me, please let me know)
This is the link:
Office of the Indiana Attorney General - Steve Carter
They will ask you the address of the company, owner, and phone number. Here it is:
Carl Lau, Owner
Airleaf Publishing and BooksellingCopyright © 2005 All rights reserved.35 Industrial Drive · Martinsville, Indiana 46151
Telephone: 1 800 342-6068
I am now pursuing avenues with the media to pursue our story. As soon as I make the proper contacts, I'll let you know. I'm also working on finding the right class action attorney. I contacted one, and I'll follow up with him by the beginning of next week.
Thanks for you help. United we will win! Hopefully we'll win our money back, but for sure, we'll win back our dignity and send a message to the numerous scam artists that we will not be taken in again.
Best regards to all of you my fellow authors,
Bonnie Kaye
Good morning Bonnie,
Thank you for your continued information gathering in this case. I am sending you this so that you may forward this information to the contacts who are interested in pursuing charges against any and all who are responsible under Indiana Criminal Code.
I would like to let you know that the easiest criminal charges are those dealing with the failure of Airleaf to pay the royalties from the sales of the books. However, I would also like to see if we can show an ongoing criminal pattern of deception. Therefore, I am asking that each author send me the following list of items so that we might review this information.
1. I need their contact information including Email, Addresses and Phone numbers.
2. A copy of their contracts, all contact information with the company such as emails, letters, and other representations from the company.
3. Any and all accounting to them on the packages bought, books printed, sold, and payments received.
4. Any names of the people each author worked with or talked with, and any other outside person they may have learned information from, such as an outside printing company or other vendor. Names, TX numbers and companies are very important in order to make a net these people can not escape from.
5. Finally, I need them to explain to me why they feel the company stole from them, not just shoddy work. If we can show or if they believe they did not receive any of the services paid for, then we might be able to file criminal charges on that, if we have a good pattern and witnesses from some of the former employees who may feel they sold packages that were bogus.
6. Each author's case will be looked at upon the individual facts of the case. Until each case is examined, I cannot guarantee prosecution for anything, but from my experience, it would appear that there are criminal charges possible in many of the cases that have been forwarded to me.
This information can be forwarded to me by using my email or sending it to the address below. Please let them know what system you used to forward your information so that I can open the attachments if they send it thru email. They also need to make sure the documents are readable before forwarding it to me.
Finally, I need this information ASAP. I will probably be reassigned from detective work on January 1, 2008 and I need to get this case filed and into court prior to this date. So everyone needs to be as expedient as possible.
Capt.. Jeffrey C. Buskirk Martinsville Police Department
PO Box 1415 59 S. Jefferson Street Martinsville, Indiana 46151
You can also send the information via email. You can cut and paste any email correspondence you have into a Microsoft document and send it to

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