Tuesday, October 23, 2007

AIRLEAF UPDATES, October 23, 2007

October 23, 2007
Dear Airleaf Victim Friends,

First, thank you all for the many notes of support over the past 24 hours since I sent you the last fraudulent email. Fraudulent because once again, Carl Lau is doing the double talk that he does so well.

When one of our members contacted his office today, he "clarified" that note from yesterday which stated he was going out of business. According to our member:

Here is something that you can put into your truth or fiction collection, I just called Airleaf to check on when royalties checks are going to be mailed out. I was speaking to a customer service person named Tia and I mentioned reading an email from Carl saying that Airleaf was shutting down. She said this was news to her and went and got Carl. When she asked him about it, I heard him say it is not true. I quoted the bold part of the email and she repeated it to him. Once again I heard him say that he just wrote that out of frustration and that he did not mean it. It appears to me that someone other than Authors are getting screwed as well. You could definitely tell that Carl was trying to squirm out of this one in front of his staff.

Then, today, Bob Denton, another Airleaf flunky, sent out this mass notice that a few of you sent to me today:

Publish Now For $750.00
That’s right, from now to the end of October, publish for just $750.00. This special package will include all of the following:
Full color front and back cover design
Formatting to any size
ISBN Number
Author will receive 1 proof copy
No charges for corrections
Baker & Taylor Books & Ingram Books Distribution
Placement on Amazon.com, BN.com, Borders.com, Walmart.com, Airleaf.com many other bookselling websites.
AUTHOR will receive 50% of net profits for all books sold
AUTHOR will pay for print cost only for any personal orders of his/her own book
Sincerely, Bob Denton Author Consultant
Airleaf Publishing 800-342-6068 bdenton@airleaf.com
So, here's my thoughts.
First, in that letter Carl Lau sent to one of our newest members yesterday, he was just trying to slam Brien Jones and make himself look good. He probably was just saying he's going out of business to win sympathy. He's not getting ANY from us. He's still on the take. He can't produce our books or pay us royalties, but he's soliciting new victims promising them the same promises that he made to us. This is beyond fraudulence--it's contemptible. How does Airleaf have the audacity to keep doing this?

We must continue our battle to stop this once and for all. One thing we must do is be vigilant and do as much research as possible to know our enemy. If any of you have some time, I'd like you to help me with several strategies that I have for this investigation. Please let me know.
Here are some of the things that you can do to help keep the heat on Airleaf until they do close down--and they will after the investigation exposes them. In the meantime, please add your story to our AirleafVictims.com website. I am updating it weekly. If your story isn't on it, please add it because the more fraud we show, the more the word will get out. If you would like to be included and haven't contacted me, let me know and I'll help you. By the way, I have added additional Google advertising. My new ad says:

Airleaf Publishing Alert
We Lost Our Money, Hopes, Dreams
Don't Be Defrauded Like We Were

The other ad says:

Airleaf Victims Unite
Support Group Formed Stop
Predatory Publishing

Both of these ads are sponsored links when you go on Google and go to "Airleaf" and "Airleaf Publishing". As a result of these ads which have now received several hundred hits, we have new members, and we are warning potential victims. That's why it's so important to put as many stories on the website as possible.

We need to find other Airleaf authors. If any of you have met them at Airleaf functions and have names and contact information, please let me know.
We need to keep focused on our goals:

1. To put a quick end to Airleaf so that they can't keep victimizing innocent people. This means constant exposure to the public.

2. To retrieve our hard earned money which will mean going after Carl Lau's personal assets because the company will be bankrupt.

3. To put Carl Lau behind bars for commiting criminal fraud against so many of us.
Before I end, I'd like to send a special thank you to Mr. Art Ayris, a true Christian leader, who produced the movie "The Touch." In case you haven't checked the Airleaf website this week, the movie is no longer there. Mr. Ayris asked Airleaf to take it off the site because in his own words in an email to me responding to this tonight:

I am so new to this thing, I signed to let them do the book on my movie, then two days later heard from you and Dave, then immediately made my decision.

I sent Carl both a letter and spoke to him personally yesterday to let him know that I could not have my name nor my church’s name attached to something involving a lawsuit or attorney general investigation.

Sorry for the two emails in 24 hours, but I wanted to keep you all up to date.
United we stand--and we will win. Hang in there!

Love, Bonnie

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