Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Dear Airleaf Victims Friends,

It's been a while since I've been in touch with you because there was not much new to report. I wrote to you last year when I found that Carl Lau and his wife Debbie Lau were working for a real estate company in Florida selling homes. According to Carl's profile, he states:
I love living my dream.  My business is built around honesty, integrity, and ethics, and I work hard for my customers.

I found it so ironic that this couple could recreate themselves as respectable business people in Florida. On Lau's profile he continues:

 I have 25 years of corporate financial experience. I am detail oriented in helping you with your decisions, and I love real estate.

Well, Carl, you really can write your own fiction novel based on that lie!

Anyway, since I last revealed Carl's first dream job in Florida last year, he left the original company he and his wife worked for and found a new home at a company called Florida's Realty, LLC. I found this out when his former employer called to tell me how she had been "screwed" by them. I always find it an "ironic twist of fate" when people call and tell me, "You were right" after I've warned them they could also be "screwed" when they choose to ignore my information about working with a crook.

In Florida, both Carl and his wife "Deb" are realtors. So now that they are both living their dream on our misfortune, I contacted their new boss several months ago. After no response, I wrote him this letter a few days ago. Since he refused to respond to me, I am sharing this letter as I promised him with you and on my blog:

Dear Larry Maas,
I reached out to you once before with no response, but I wanted to give you one more chance before I take this to the public since I don't know you. I am writing to you at the request of our board of directors of Airleaf Victims. I am the organizer of the group. Our website is at We are a group of over 600 authors who were scammed out of substantial money by Carl Lau. There is a judgment against him by the State of Indiana for a small cohort of our group for nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

Now they have reinvented themselves after declaring bankruptcy to avoid paying us back the money the courts ordered. I am letting you know that our battle will continue. We have people who were left with severe health conditions including a heart attack after being robbed of their life savings by this fraudulent man. You can read my blog on the website which will document my weekly updates during our battle.

If you want to continue to employ the Lau's, that is your choice. Just be aware that I will be taking this to the media and the State Attorney's Office. I will be posting it on my blog so that people will know what is going on here.

If I don't hear from you within 48 hours, I will understand that you have no compassion for people who got screwed so badly--including me. However, I wonder how much faith your potential customers will have when they learn that two of your agents defrauded over 1,000 people out of nearly 2 million dollars, declared bankruptcy to avoid paying us back, was sued by Authorhouse for stealing their business, and other offenses that I won't go into here. How much faith do you think they'll have in your company when we tell the truth?

Best regards,
Bonnie Kaye 
Airleaf Victims 

Now that 48 hours came and went with no response, I am carrying through with taking this to the next step of (1) informing you, (2) posting it on my Airleaf Victims blog, and (3) making a complaint to the Attorney General of Florida. I will also be notifying the government of Indiana who had placed the judgment against Lau to start with.

Some of you may wonder why I am pursuing this after seven years. When I think about the suffering of so many of our authors who lost so much, I feel the need for justice. I need to believe that when good people are hurt, those who hurt them should not be allowed to go unpunished and recreate themselves to hurt others based on lies and deception.

Some of our wonderful authors in this group are no longer with us. Others faced extreme financial suffering due to the fraudulence and deceit. My dear friend Frederick Martin del Campo who lost his home from had a stroke and is in horrible shape from the events that happened to him as a result of losing his life savings to Carl Lau's idea of a joke. For those who are gone or who can't keep up the fight, I will keep it up. Maybe someday we'll see justice.

If you would like to be removed from my mailing list, just let me know by hitting "Reply" and asking to be removed. If not, I will keep you updated.

By the way, if you would like to be on my weekly Books of Excellence radio show, please let me know. I would be happy to have you as a guest to promote your book.

Love, Bonnie :)


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Anonymous said...

Bonnie, you're so heroic and assertive, yet so tragic and sad all at the same time! If you like I can stack up all your unsold books to make a staircase for you to get down off that cross. It must be so lonely up there.

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