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Dear 431 Members of the Airleaf Victims Group and Friends,
This was an interesting week for me on a personal level. I took off this week from work to thoroughly go through files that over 150 of you have sent to me. It was truly a depressing experience to see how many people were connived into so many non-existent services through Airleaf. Even though I've heard the stories each time you send them to me, going through all of this for four days truly gave a comprehensive view of the ongoing fraudulence against our authors.

Thanks to many of your meticulous tracking and record keeping, I was able to send the authorities solid information to prove our case of fraudulence. Many of you sent me email correspondences between you and other Airleaf employees which also proved that promotions were sold to you that were never delivered. One of you even sent me an email of a private conversation between two Airleaf employees who were romantically involved which also talked about Airleaf fraud in the conversation. Incidentally, this email was meant to turn people against one of the employees who left last year. Normally, I would be amazed at a company that has employees who would stoop so low to cut and paste private conversations and email them to authors deliberately, but nothing amazes me at Airleaf.

If you didn't send me your information and you think you have proof or evidence of fraudulence, it is not too late. Please email me at and I will let you know how to proceed to get it to me.

Last week, I reprinted the story for you from the Martinsville Reporter about the Airleaf update. I also sent you the response I posted to the paper. Can you believe that later that night I was CENSORED?? The Martinsville Reporter took down my posting because one former employee was so incensed by this comment:
The employees of Airleaf profited off of our innocence. Two of them for sure were in Hollywood having great sex in a hotel while they were supposed to be selling our books to Hollywood producers. Those escapades were paid for by our hard earned money.Did you see me mention anyone's name here? Of course not. But this former employee was so distraught seeing this comment that she insisted it be removed. Now, I don't quite understand this unless she is guilty of the accusation and paranoid to think that people will assume it is her I'm talking about. So, I had to redo the response to the paper and remove the sexual comment in order for it to stand. Ironically, that former employee in her hysteria posted the following message on my Airleaf Victims blog:
Anonymous said...
Unless you were there, I am not sure where the ad hominem comment about someone having 'great sex' originated. We may have to start a new web site == victims of Bonnie Kaye.

I'm not sure what an "ad hominem" that the anonymous party stated is, but let me rephrase my comment about the former employees "having great sex." I would like to apologize for making assumptions, so I'll correct the statement by just saying "having sex." The "great" description was obviously the assumption on my part.

One of our victims wrote to me about checking with Bob Denton before you pay any money to Carl Lau for ANYTHING. If you are notified that you have books for sale at Airleaf that you can buy back, ask Bob Denton first if this is true. I believe you can actually negotiate to buy your books back more cheaply than Carl is asking for. I base this on one author who was offered her books back for approximately 60 cents each. Once again, I have no clue why some people are being charged 60 cents vs. a dollar vs. two dollars and more. Authors continue to tell me how responsive Bob Denton is towards helping them get back their books and materials. We greatly appreciate this Bob.

One of our new author victims, Doris Christian, had her new book "A Daughter's Cry" released this week.

Doris sent us this information about her new book:
A Daughter's Cry was born out of my own experiences. First, my mother's sexual abuse at the hands of her dad, left many victims--not only my mother and several of her sisters, but also for me and my 4 siblings. Due to the bitterness and I'm sure the shame my mother harbored inside, she was a very unhappy person. This resulted in her many years of negativity, harsh criticism and overall strained relationships with everyone. And, it left us, her children, feeling unloved and unwanted.

Then, years later, my own two daughters were sexual molested by their stepfather, my second husband. From this heartache came a powerful story line in A Daughter's Cry. In it, my heroine, Ellie, learns there IS life after such traumatic attacks and our life's purpose can still be attained.

This is my fifth novel and the most compelling. Already, I've heard positive reports from women who were abuse victims. There is no greater reward than to hear
our hard work has delivered the intended results. I feel very blessed, indeed!

I am a single, senior citizen whose passion is writing. I retired from the medical field and now enjoy travel, my two wonderful daughters and numerous friends.
Writing has opened many doors for me and I'm currently teaching a creative writing course for single men and women.

To my fellow authors: I believe the injustice we've been dealt through Airleaf can be somewhat nullified when we support each other. What Airleaf failed to do, we can perhaps do and do it far better. There is strength in numbers and marketing our work successful requires those numbers. Certainly, not everyone will buy each book shared here, yet, it's an opportunity we didn't have before. Like making lemonade out of all those lemons? Here we can share the positive amid the negative which, I believe, is always a good thing. Because of our dedicated leader, Bonnie Kaye, we have this wonderful opportunity to share, care and repair. Share our work, care about each other, and repair the damage Airleaf and Carl Lau has caused each one of us. Thank you in advance for helping get A Daughter's Cry into the hands of those who've been used, abused, or neglected by someone they know and trusted. The release date is April 22nd and available on as well as Tate

I'd like to wish Doris the best of luck with her new book. Soon we'll be discussing our Airleaf Author's co-op to help each other sell our books.

That's all the news for today! Please send me any questions or concerns you may have about any issue.

Love, Bonnie

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Bonnie Kaye said...

The purpose of this blog is to leave comments relating to Airleaf Victims or Airleaf fraudulence. It is NOT to be used for posting the personal and private business of Airleaf employees. Please don't abuse the purpose of this site and make bigger fools of yourselves. If you want to play games, this is not the place to do it.
Bonnie Kaye