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Airleaf Victims December 1, 2007. FOX News.

Airleaf Victims Update December 1, 2007

Dear Airleaf Victims and Supporters,

This week 14 new people joined our group, bringing our number to over 200 and growing daily. Welcome to our new members.

I have some exciting news for our group, and I hope that some of you can help me. I appeared on a segment of FOX News last year in New York for my counseling of straight/gay couples which was distributed throughout different cities in the country. I contacted the reporter who did the segment with me, and she has agreed to do an investigative segment. I am looking for people who are willing to be interviewed—preferably in NY, NJ, or CT. But if you are outside that area and have a compelling story, please let me know as well. This is our big chance to get word out because FOX NY goes to many cities throughout the country. This will most likely lead to more national publicity—which will help focus our cause of bringing Carl Lau to justice and the closing down of Airleaf. If you are willing to be interviewed, please write to me at and put “FOX” in the subject box. Please tell me where you live.

I also had an hour interview with the Martinsville paper, The Reporter. I spoke to Ron Hawkins for approximately an hour telling him some of your stories. He had scheduled an interview with the infamous Carl Lau for Thursday. The day before, Mr. Lau called Ron and told him he would have to postpone the interview because he had to meet with some “authors” in the South. Right. Of course. The next day, he was sending an email to our fellow author Sammy Kay, my adopted cousin!

Sam has been part of our group since the early days. He has been a wonderful sense of support for me as we wage this battle. Sam sent Carl this letter a few days ago:

Mr. Lau,

I am very disappointed with your work on behalf of my book as well as the follow-up you promised me concerning the sales of my book and how much money I should be getting from those sales. Do we have a problem here that may need the attention of someone from the law? I hope not as I have been with you for several years now and had been somewhat satisfied with the services you were supposed to be supplying me with that I had paid for. I would like to know what is going on here and if I do not get a SATISFACTORY answer from you immediately I will be forced to have you removed my book from your business immediately and I will then have to find the services of a hungry lawyer to help me out regarding this matter.
I appreciate you immediate attention to this matter. I want to be happy.
Sam Kay (author)

This was Carl’s reply. By the way, I have decided not to edit this or anything else of his from now on because I want you to see the level of his writing:
Dear Mr Kay:
I understand your frustration and I will have Jack send you a sales statement today. We are having a bit of a problem with a couple of past employees that have really hurt our business, and therefore created a cash flow problem. We are trying very hard to correct that situation and hopefully things will start to happensoon
Once again, Carl Lau is blaming other employees for his fraudulence, taking on no responsibility. This shows the man has no conscience. By the way, Sam emailed me at 11:03 p.m. last night—no statement!

One of the ways that we are able to grow in strength is by trying to get as much exposure on the Internet as possible. There is a way that you can help. We have an Airleaf Victims Blog. Each week, my friend adds my weekly updates so people who are into blogging can read what you are reading here. At the end of the page is a space for people to add comments. It says “comments.” If some of you could add your comments there, this will help us move up our visibility. For those of you who are not familiar with blogging, I’m sad to announce that I’m not very adept at it either, but I know that it is not difficult to post comments. Several of you are posting each week and I greatly appreciate this. Give it a try and if you have a problem, let me know. Here is the link to the blog:

Here is the link to the blog site:


Also, don’t forget to check the new stories added each week to our Airleaf Victims website at site. My web person has been rotating the stories and putting the new ones under mine. I’m happy to add your story. Just let me know if you would like to be on our website. As we receive more media exposure, the press will be looking at the site and seeing your stories and your books.

I called the Indiana Attorney General’s office on Friday to speak with Assistant AG Terry Tolliver who was assigned to the case to find out why the AG is taking so long to put a stop to Airleaf operations. I was told that Terry Tolliver is no longer there and another person is handling the case. I left a message but did not receive a return call on Friday. I will follow up next week until I get a response and let you know.

Last week, I shared information about the Martha Ivery case—the fraudulent publishing promoter who is spending 16 months in jail. Yesterday I called Assistant U. S. Attorney Thomas A. Capezza in Albany, New York who was instrumental in the case and left a message for him that I would like to talk to him about Airleaf. I will keep you posted next week after I speak to him.

Last week I wrote about author Clara Martin, our 87-year old member who is suffering with congestive heart failure which has worsened as a result of being robbed of her $7,750.00 this year. I spoke to Clara the other night after she sent me some of the documentation of her experience with Airleaf. I asked Clara if I could share it with you.

Clara published her book “Grandma’s Stroll Down Memory Lane” with a different publisher in 2002. Here are some highlights about Clara and her book so you’ll see what a wonderful woman she is--full of life and generosity:

This book is an autobiography, a true story of my life. Born in Mansfield, Ohio in 1920 into a family of six children, I was reared on a farm where I experienced many of the remarkable advancements of the twentieth century. From grade school in a one-room schoolhouse, I went to Madison High where, as valedictorian, I was awarded a scholarship to Ashland College. Several years following my graduation from Ashland, I attended Asbury Seminary for a degree in Christian Education. While there I met and married Donald Martin, a ministerial student. Along with rearing a family of nine children, two of whom were adopted Korean orphans, I taught thirty years in the elementary grades. This, along with conducting junior church in various pastorates, my husband and I started the Evangelical Church of the Nazarene in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. We also conducted services in the Knox County jail and in the Orient and Marysville Penitentiaries. Life throughout the twentieth century was a time when there were many developments in areas,
such as electronics, medical science, travel, and education, as well as in family life in general.
Clara’s book then goes on to talk about all of the changes that went on during the 20th century and how she adapted. She wanted to leave behind her story for future generations so they could see the major changes in society through those years.

Clara’s book was published by Authorhouse at the time when it was 1st Books, former home of Carl Lau. So it’s no surprise that she received an offer from Airleaf to market her book and turn it into a best-seller. Last year, she received this offer which was so compelling that she agreed to invest her major savings: (I have reproduced this with the same style as Airleaf)
Picture Grandma’s Stroll Down Lane Memory Lane in newsstands nationwide!

Dear Ms. Martin,

“You can’t judge a book by its cover.” However, you CAN judge a good cover from a bad one. Grandma’s Stroll Down Memory Lane has an awesome cover!

Better yet, your book is well-written and has begun to generate a great deal of interest. As part of our quest to sell books to bookstores nationwide, we are trying a powerful new approach unlike any past campaign. As part of this program, you will see the cover of Grandma’s Stroll Down Memory Lane on:

  • One large display ad in the Los Angels Times

  • On large display ad in the New York Times

  • One large display ad in Oracle Magazine

  • One large display ad in The Hollywood Reporter

  • One large display ad in Advance Magazine

  • One large display ad in Veteran’s Reporter Magazine

  • One 30-second TELEVISION commercial aired in two major metropolitan markets

We want everyone in American to see Grandma’s Stroll Down Memory Lane. This massive display advertising campaign will make that happen! We have only invited 300 authors and are accepting the first 24. Your cost to participate is only $7750. To join us call 1-800-342-6068 or email…..

(name withheld)

Author Consultant

P.S. In addition to showing your TV commercial in two major markets, we will provide you with a DVD!

Clara Martin wanted to leave her legacy behind so future generations could learn from her life. With the promise of large display ads in the major media including the Hollywood Reporter where possibly her book could be viewed as a future movie, she was determined to be one of the “first 24.” And so the deal was done. And, like almost all of us, her money went floating through the air like a leaf which I finally realize is the real meaning behind the name “Airleaf”!
Of course, none of the above ever happened. Of course. Many of you know this story from your own experience. Clara went on to contact the Ohio Attorney General who sent a letter to Carl Lau. Here is his response. And in case you’re wondering, my typing is fine. I am copying this letter exactly as it was sent to the Ohio AG without “editing” Carl Lau’s endless mistakes.

October 29, 2007
Dear Sir:

The person in charge of handling these inquires has left the company; I’m very surprised that they had not responded to your request. Since Clara Martin sign for the program in January, my business which was growing and expanding took a downfall for the worse in fact this afternoon I am seeking legal counsel to close Airleaf LLC today. I am very sorry this has happened I have over the year borrowed over $100,000 t try to ride out the downfall however there comes a time to close, and that time is today.

Here is the contact information for the attorneys.
Carl lou

President, Airleaf LLC.

(I have not included the names of the attorneys that he included.)

Now, I think this takes audacity। Here he is telling the Ohio State Attorney General that he is closing on October 29, 2007 so that he can avoid further legal action, when in fact, Airleaf is still operating as of November 30, 2007. And chances are, Airleaf will be open on Monday as well, continuing to carry on as long as possible taking people’s money.

I would like to thank all of you again for your interest, support, and friendship। I think once the publicity starts, things will moving along quickly. Please write to me with any of your concerns or stories.

With love and hope,
Bonnie Kaye

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Anonymous said...

On October 29th, 2007, Carl Lau first claims in a response to the Ohio AG, "Since Clara Martin sign for the program in January, my business which was growing and expanding took a downfall for the worse I am very sorry this has happened I have over the year borrowed over $100,000 t try to ride out the downfall however there comes a time to close, and that time is today."

However, one does not have to be a mathematician to realize that he has knowingly been in the red since October 2006, by his own words. Clara signed up in January 2007, well into the borrowing period of Airleaf, correct?

Then he claims to Mr. Kay more recently, "We are having a bit of a problem with a couple of past employees that have really hurt our business, and therefore created a cash flow problem."

His problems began long before January 2007 when the employees started leaving.